Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Solution I recommend ! !

I would recommend the third option. I recommend this because, my idea is that once everyone herd of the cyclone warning they can go to Dhaka and be safe. Even though all the other places will be distroyed, at least the country won't have to start all over again, because the country basically runs on Dhaka. Another thing is that everyone survive.

look below for choises

Possible Solutions table

Possible solution:
  1. Improve flood protection to enable 10 million of the most exposed farmers to survive a flood with their homes and farms intact.

All the exposed farmers survive with their homes and farms intact.  
Only 10 million survive and the rest will die.

2.       Create an emergency evacuation plan to allow 30 million people to evacuate in case of a
flood. (Their homes and farms would still be vulnerable)
30 million people evacuate in case of a flood.

All their homes and farms will be destroyed.

3. Create a flood protection system that would protect Dhaka in case of a catastrophic flood.
You would protect Dhaka in case of a catastrophic flood.

All the other places will be destroyed and flooded.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cyclones and Flooding in the Brahmaputra Delta

40 years ago, a storm formed over the Bay of Bengal on November 8, 1970, and reached a maximum sustained wind speed of 115 mph (185 kph) before making landfall on November 12. Unfortunately it hit a very densely population of Bangladesh, killing several hundred thousand people and ranking, according to the NOAA in 2008, as the third deadliest natural disaster in history. Another cyclone happened in 1991, but their is yet to come. Cyclones like this can suck people out to sea and kill them, but also distroy all their houses and belongings.